Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chapel Brook Reservation - Ashfield Ma. Ashfield & Summit Trails, Chapel Falls 7/1/12

Ashfield Trail.

Here are a few photos of the Ashfield Trail between Ashfield Road and West Road. This section of the trail is lined with beautiful stoned walls dating back to the eighteenth century. There is also remains of an old Sugar House and other structures. At the end of the trail at West Road is the Brier Hill Cemetery which was established in 1828.  

Summit Trail

This trail takes you up to the Pony Mountain summit, along the way is Chapel Ledge, a vertical rock face that's a 100 feet high. There are some beautiful panoramic views of the Highlands and  the foothills of the Berkshires from the Pony Mountain summit.

Chapel Falls

Located on the east side of Ashfield Road. There's also a hiking trail that runs along the falls although i did not explore this area, perhaps on another hike. This is a great place to cool off in the summer, there were many people here taking advantage of the cool running water of the falls and the many deep pools of water.

Mt. Sugarloaf Hike 5/27/12

Here are a few photos of a recent hike to Mt. Sugarloaf's North and South peak.

 Photo of Mt. Sugarloaf taken from Route 47 in Sunderland.

Photos below were taken along the main trail leading to Southern Summit.

Below, a view of the Sunderland Bridge on Route 116.

A place to rest before reaching the summit.

 Pictures below taken near and around the Visitors Center.

 This observation area on the southeast side has been closed for many years.

The Connecticut River looking northward with Northfield Mountain in the distance.

The viewing pavilion located atop Mt. Sugarloaf

The photos below are of a cave that is located off the trail leading to the northern peak: